Shalya In The Party (clip et paroles)

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Shalya In The Party (clip et paroles) - lyrics

Clip Officiel de la nouvelle reine du r'n'b Shalya avec en Featuring Papa London.

Shayla worked in a factory.
She wasn't history.
She's just a number.
One day she gets her final pay and she goes far away.
Green trees call to me.
I am free but life is so cheap.
Scenery is still outside of me.
All alone, trapped by its beauty.
Shayla turned to run away, to leave in peace and end her stay.
Years of fear were in her way.
Lost in space and down she came.
Suddenly some subtle entity, some cosmic energy, brushed her like shadows.
Down here we stop to wonder.
Cars on the freeway.
Bright lights and thunder.


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