KYLIAN MASH ft AKON - Club Certified (lyrics paroles)

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KYLIAN MASH ft AKON - Club Certified (lyrics paroles)

This is the new amazin tune of DJ/Producer Kylian Mash which is actually making the BUZZ!!!
He is parisian and already conquers the world with productions and projects like DISCOBITCH - C'est beau la bourgeoisie that have been enjoyed by major artists like Madonna! 
Kylian have been working on new tunes since some months ago and like in a James bond Movie, he has been stole one demo version from one of his new tune directly spray over the net... This situation generated a big buzz about who was behind this massive track and now we officially know that's not a "quentin" or even the hitmaker "Red one" which is affiliate to this hit, but Kylian Mash which is now back on the Dancefloor with a new club certificate!

Célèbre DJ français réalisateur de C'est Beau La Bourgeoisie ! Un (futur) tube !




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