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KanaalpictogramTIMBALAND feat Soshy en français - MORNING AFTER DARK (clip et paroles) Timbaland Ft. SoShy - Morning After Dark Lyrics


Hello Mr. Mosley

Im glad youre my maker

My Loyalty lies in your hands, youre my breath taker

Your body, your kiss is in unknown demand

So take command, go Timbo


I be the same when it all goes up

I be the same when it all goes down

Not the first one, open it up

I be the last one closin it out

Dont know if Ill give you a shot yet

Lil Mama Im peepin your style

Do I think youre dope enough, yup

One way of findin it out

The way you came at me, boo

Dont care, not afraid Im like Wild

Really want it from head to toe

Question if she gon let it out

Anyway the hour glass go

I dont worry anyhow

Why dont we see where it go

Lets figure it out



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