Laurent Wolf - No Stress: clip et paroles/lyrics

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Cette semaine un futur tube comme clip de la semaine, c'est de l'electro et c'est cree par Laurent Wolf voici "No Stress":

don't wanna work today
Maybe I just wanna stay
Just take it easy cause there's no stress

I know it's not an other crime
Something pleasure in my mind
Nothing can cause me destressed

I taxe my baby on her phone
How to get her sexy body on?
That's the way I wanna spend my day

Got to find another bide
Cause I don't wanna waist my time
I don't feel destressed

It's the kind of maizing
I think I'm just crazy (4x)

No need to fight against the feelings
Beaucause the laught in not depressing
No stress (3x)

I don't wanna work today


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